virtual professional development + blended learning support

All of our programs are available virtually, allowing staff to engage with powerful blended learning through our online learning platform.

virtual professional development + support

If you trying to find engaging and rigorous professional development, without everyone having to be in the same room, we can help! 

“I loved today. It was great online learning for my team and while we were thrown in the deep end, the EC team were so engaging and supportive. We learned so much!”

Deputy Principal

blended + remote learning training 

The technical and cultural changes needed to adopt and consistently offer high quality blended and remote learning are immense. We work alongside your team to provide specific training to make this sometimes difficult change, easier.

student learning support  

Looking for support for your teachers as they build engaging and powerful learning for a blended or remote learning environment? We are able to provide rapid support to help your teachers plan and deliver with confidence and efficacy.

remote professional development

As remote learning and collaboration becomes a new normal for many, school leaders need to continue to prioritise engaging and impactful staff professional development. All of our proven training programs can be delivered completely online.

training in online learning platforms

We can provide professional development and technical advice as you set up Microsoft Teams in your school as a digital classroom and staff collaboration tool.

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our specific offerings to support blended and remote learning. 

virtual learning short course

This one-day course is designed to rapidly upskill your team to design and deliver a high-quality virtual learning program across your school. We engage with best-practice online learning techniques, approaches to foster positive staff collaboration online and tips to get the best from online learning platforms. This support can also be expanded out to us providing ongoing coaching and professional learning in this area.

our leadership and learning programs

All of our leadership and learning programs are available online. This sees us using a blended learning approach through Microsoft Teams. Programs that are available include:

  • The New Teacher Program
  • The Changemaker Program (for middle-level leaders)
  • The Change Leader Program (for school leadership teams)
  • The Change Learning Program (both project and inquiry-based learning)
  • School Improvement Support

AI for Good Challenge

The AI for Good Challenge is a future-focused program for Australian high school students that can be completed completely online. The program is free, curriculum-aligned, and can be run by your teachers virtually, or you can get in touch with us for a free ‘home hackathon’ run by our staff. See for more information.

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customised learning + support

looking for something uniquely tailored to your team of educators?

tailored support

Our team are deeply experienced learning designers and professional development facilitators and are able to rapidly deploy new training programs tailored to your school’s unique demands. We can work alongside your school leadership team to build practical, school-wide solutions to the challenges you face and implement coaching, strategic planning, training and boutique support for your staff during this disruptive time.

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