school support

specific and tailored support for schools across a network to drive strategic improvements and transformations

Site-by-site support to drive system goals.

school support 

We partner with education networks to support their strategic goals by providing targeted support and learning for specific schools.

‘Education Changemakers were able to provide deep support over a number of years to a selection of our schools, with real outcomes demonstrated at every site.’

Deputy Secretary – Ministry of Education

strategic improvement plans

We are deeply experienced at working with schools to support the development and implementation of their strategic improvement plans. This support can be aligned with network strategies, and be provided through toolkits, workshops or strategy and innovation sessions. 

new school builds

Education Changemakers has extensive experience supporting new schools through the design, building and opening of sites. We are able to provide learning and support programs throughout the stages of a new school across a variety of topics (such as enrolment, technology choice, pedagogical training, marketing and teacher recruitment).

staff improvement

Our team of faciltiators are able to work with schools to identify key areas of improvement for educators. We are then able to develop training programs to upskill educators in key areas of instruction and people management.

mentoring + coaching

Our facilitators are able to provide mentoring and coaching to education leaders or teachers at identified schools. This provides for long term improvements across a staff, with highly tailored learning programs for specific members of staff.

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