one day workshops

powerful + practical one day workshops for your education team

We are able to provide engaging and relevant one day workshops for your staff for your next professional development day. See below to see some of the workshops you can choose from. 

leading future learning

Trying to help your educators make sense of the latest, future-focused education approaches to support your students to thrive in a changing world? Then this is your workshop. Your teachers will be exposed to best practice learning approaches for 2020, and then begin to build out an overview of a project-based unit that they can launch for their students.

dream team

This workshop is perfect if you want to foster confidence and cohesiveness in a leadership team to help them drive whole school change. In this one day workshop your team of educators will rapidly connect as a group, learn how to create community and system-informed strategies, and implement them successfully and sustainably across a school.

design thinking for educators

This workshop is perfect if you want to support your staff to be more innovative. In this one day workshop your team of educators will learn the EC design thinking approach, an innovation process uniquely tailored to the realities of driving changes in schools. You will see them innovating practial solutions on the day, but also being more creative and constructive moving forward.

mba in a day

If you are looking to quickly increase the leadership and management skills of a group of educators, this is an excellent workshop for you! Our experienced facilitators will equip your team with relevant and practical tools to help them step up and lead in your school.


A powerful workshop if you are looking to inspire and support a team of education leaders to foster future-focused learning in your school. Throughout the day we share best practice examples of powerful new education approaches and provide ample time for your leaders to discuss and strategise how they can best support their students to thrive in an uncertain future.

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step up

Educators are often brilliant at presenting in front of students, but ask them to share learning in front of their peers and they really struggle. This one day workshop provides your staff with powerful speaking, adult learning, instructional leadership, graphic design and marketing skills to help them make their public event brilliant.

keynotes + workshops

Our facilitators are highly engaging speakers, who have spoken on some of the world’s largest education stages. We are able to provide a selection of conference speeches, workshops and MC duties for your next education event with topics focused on powerful pedagogy, school leadership and education innovation, supported by powerful stories of school change, ideas that have changed the lives of millions, and even some stories from literal war-zones!

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