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Dave Faulkner

Dave’s job is to work closely with education leaders to craft an ideal training and support package that changes schools. Specifically, he will work with you to distil your school or network goals (he is a former Regional Education Director and District Superintendent), balance key education trends with evidence-based approaches (Dave has spoken on the world’s largest education stages alongside Ken Robinson, Sugata Mitra and John Hattie), and then ensure that all EC training and support is relevant and achievable within a school setting (he has held four Principalships). Dave works with senior education leaders across Australia, the United States and Europe to develop breakthrough education initiatives, is the co-author of our two books Edupreneur and Dream Team and is a co-founder of Education Changemakers. 

Maddie Scott-Jones

Maddie’s job is to support teachers to create powerful learning experiences and school leaders to strategically plan to deliver improvements. Specifically, she will empathise with your educators (she is an award-winning teacher), inspire them to keep expecting the best of their students (she was a gifted & talented and student leadership coordinator), and ensure that their approaches are evidence-based (she holds three masters degrees in education). If she’s working with your leadership team, she’ll work to transform complex ideas into targeted, action-based and impactful strategies (driven by her experiences of working with school leadership teams across the world). Maddie brings a patient approach to her sessions and guides your educators to create learning and make decisions that they are capable of implementing immediately to drive improvement.

Aaron Tait

Aaron’s job is to challenge the thinking of your educators, inspire them to have agency as changemakers, and equip them with the tools to make their ideas a reality. Specifically, he will support your educators to dream of powerful changes they can make (he co-founded the non-profit ygap.org which has improved the lives of more than a million people living in poverty), create bold ideas to help their students thrive in the future (he is the co-creator of Australia’s AI for Good Challenge in partnership with Microsoft) and have the resilience to make change happen (he is a decorated military veteran who has led schools in very challenging communities). Aaron holds three masters degrees (and is a graduate of the University of Cambridge), is the co-author of our two books Edupreneur and Dream Team, and is a co-founder of Education Changemakers. 

Charles Neave

Charles’ job is to support school leaders to help their staff to deliver changes to learning that directly impact student achievement and wellbeing. Specifically, he will challenge your educators to foster learning that is both relevant to their local realities but also challenges them to think beyond their school and ahead of the now (drawing on his experience as a Deputy Principal and Head Teacher at schools in London, Melbourne and Kuwait). He will also support your schools with creating powerful community and parent engagement initiatives (driven by his experiences as the co-founder of a non-profit focused on bringing together Muslim communities with wider communities across London). Charles is a powerful and highly engaging facilitator (helped by his previous career as a professional opera singer) and will both entertain and challenge your educators to think deeply about their work (supported by his Masters in Philosophy from the University of London).

Tim Edmonds

Tim’s job is to support educators to teach with great passion, efficacy and to confidently step up as instructional leaders. Specifically, he will get alongside your early career teachers and build up their instructional skills (drawing on approaches he learned as an elite footballer as well as his teaching experience at Adelaide’s prestigious Pembroke and St Peter’s schools), encourage your middle-level leaders to increase their responsibility and presence across a school (drawing on his experience as a Head of Junior School Teaching and Learning), and walk alongside your educators as they lead change initiatives (he led school transformations at Melbourne’s Knox School and Hong Kong’s Kowloon Junior School). Tim grounds all of his work in a deep passion for inquiry-learning and future-focused pedagogy, as well as his studies for a Bachelor of Education and a Masters of Leadership and Management from Flinders University.

Gabbi Jenkins

Gabbi is our communication expert and is an expert in delivering powerful social change campaigns across communities. Her experiences range from leading media engagement and events with Amnesty International, cross-cultural programs with SydWest Multicultural Services and assisting migrant communities with Anglicare. She is the current campaign manager for the nationwide Microsoft AI for Good Challenge and holds multiple degrees with distinction across International Studies and Communications and Media from the University of New South Wales and Madrid’s Universidad Carlos III.

About EC

We’ve been helping schools change since 2012. 

‘The only thing that would take me away from my Principal role was the belief that through starting Education Changemakers we could support educators at scale across the globe. Since 2012 we have worked with almost 15,000 schools, and I remain as inspired and optimistic as ever about how the EC movement can make a difference in the world.’

Dave Faulkner, Co-Founder and CEO

Education Changemakers (EC) was started in 2012 by education innovator Dave Faulkner and social entrepreneur Aaron Tait. Dave had spent the previous decade transforming schools as a Principal and Superintendent, at the same time that Aaron was creating innovative social enterprises that have gone on to change the lives of more than a million people living in poverty. EC started with a unique desire to create training + support that was highly engaging, evidence-based, fostered teacher agency and catalysed action with real outcomes. Since 2012, the EC team, in partnership with education networks and organisations have worked with more than 100,000 educators and witnessed powerful teacher-led changes across the globe.

supporting teachers

Beyond our support + training programs we also provide a range of pro-bono support to the education sector. Our free Educhange Podcast has been listened to by more than 50,000 educators, more than 3000 people have received free tickets to our annual Educhange events, and our latest pro-bono project keepinglearninggoing.com has seen more than 10,000 people download free resources since the beginning of the COVID 19 crisis.