middle-level leader coaching

coaching + learning to build the instructional leadership and people management capacity of your school’s middle-level leaders 

A year-long personalised learning experience for middle-level leaders.

middle-level leaders coaching

A fully personalised coaching program designed to help your middle-level leaders excel as instructional leaders and people managers in your school.  

Program Specifics:
  • Programs available for one leader, or groups of five across a school.
  • The program is run across a school year.
  • A minimum of six coaching or group sessions across the year.
  • Unlimited coaching calls and support throughout.
  • All coaches are experienced education leaders.

‘In education, we are quick to pluck our best teachers from the classroom and put them into positions of leadership with little training. This coaching support gave my leaders the chance to reflect on their leadership approaches, and grow into their roles. It’s been very useful.’

School Principal

aligning with your goals

We work with you as a school leader to help you select the appropriate middle-level leaders for the program. We also work to understand your goals for the professional development of these leaders and ensure this aligns with the larger strategic goals of your school.

personalised coaching 

Your selected middle-level leaders are then assigned a coach from Education Changemakers. Beginning with an initial diagnostic call to determine the key areas for growth for your leaders, a personalised coaching program is then established for each leader. Their EC coach will then tailor further coaching calls across the year, allowing for consistent check-ins, scaffolding of learning and continued personal and professional development. This coaching is truly personalised with no two participants getting the same content and support. 

supporting content

Across the year long coaching program, all participants can engage with content blocks that have been created specifically for middle-level leaders in schools. Grounded in the AITSL Leadership Framework these take the form of tailored units that are sent to leaders before and after coaching meetings. For larger groups, we also have team coaching sessions, fostering peer learning and collegiality.

our track record

Across 141 EC year long programs, 5672 educators in Australia, the United States and Europe have led data-driven learning improvements for their schools. 53% of Changemaker Program graduates are promoted into more senior school leadership roles within twelve months of completing the course.

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