education leadership teams

training and support to help leadership teams drive whole school change

Deep learning to drive major strategic transformations in a school.

leadership teams

Professional development opportunities designed to help school leadership teams drive strategic transformations across a school or network.  

Program Specifics:
  • Up to 20 school teams can participate (in teams of 3-4 people).
  • The program is run across a school year.
  • Five workshop days across the year.
  • Unlimited coaching calls and support.
  • Two experienced facilitators for each course.

“As an education leader with many years of experience, I am always sceptical of the next thing. I must say, however, this process has been incredibly useful for my leaders to design and implement a whole-school improvement strategy.”

District Superintendent

best-practice change management 

We are highly experienced in education change management (in fact we wrote a leading book on the topic that was named as the ASCD book of the month). Leadership teams step through a proven change management journey that has been proven in schools across the globe and is immediately implementable back in their site. 

quality time to strategise and plan 

Across our programs, education leadership teams are given precious time, supported by our facilitators to come together to engage with strategy and planning. This allows teams to step away from the busy nature of schools and develop their next transformative chapters.

board or network alignment

Before any programs, our facilitators ensure that there is a clear understanding and alignment with the strategic goals of a school board or network. This then supports the development of their strategic improvement plans in a manner that is complementary to leadership’s aims.

ongoing support across a chapter of change

Whole school or network changes take time, and across many of our leadership team programs we build in coaching and ongoing support. This allows leadership teams to implement ideas in a timely manner, course-correct where required and continually reflect on the outcomes of their initiatives.

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do it yourself professional development

dream team in a box

buy the box

If you want to engage with the Change Leader program as an individual school leadership team, we have created ‘Dream Team in a Box’ just for you. This is our DIY professional development program, where you receive a physical box filled with ten unique modules, plenty of activities, online videos and learning resources. Designed for your team to step through the program in your own time, in the comfort of your own school, this is a cost-effective and engaging way to help your leadership team drive whole school change.