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Helping Leadership Teams Across Western Sydney Transform Their Schools

A leadership program supporting school executives across Western Sydney to develop and implement high impact strategic improvement plans.

Engaging Secondary Principals Across Queensland

Holistic support with the running of the QSPA Secondary Principals Conference to support education leaders across Queensland.

Accelerating Australia’s and the UK’s Best Edtech Start-Ups

Programs to accelerate the best education startups in Australia and the UK in partnership with PWC and Bett.

Inspiring the Next Generation of STEM Experts

A national program to support a generation of STEM experts and inventors, in partnership with Microsoft Surface.

Promoting Innovative Education Leadership Across South Australia

A program in partnership the South Australian department of education to train and support change agents across schools in the state.

Increasing Student Engagement with AITSL

A program in partnership with AITSL and the Innovation Unit (UK) to foster learning approaches to increase student engagement.

Building the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

A program with 21C Skills Lab (NZ) and FYA (Aus) to support young people to build business and learn entrepreneurship skills.

Catalysing Student Innovation Across Sydney with Atlassian

A partnership with Atlassian to help young people across Sydney innovate solutions to improve their schools and communities.

Improving Student Engagement in Higher Ed

A research and capacity building project in partnership with Microsoft to improve hybrid teaching practices in higher education

Building the Capacity of Education Leaders with Bastow

A long term professional development strategy to support a generation of education leaders across Victoria with the Bastow Institute.

Unleashing Changemakers Across Romania

A long term program to unleash changemakers across Romania's education sector and develop a new generation of school leadership heroes.

Equipping Innovative Educators Across Queensland

A professional development program run with the Bryan Foundation for innovative educators run across Queensland.

Helping New Schools Succeed

A global program in partnership with Microsoft to support new school builds across the globe to effectively launch.

Scaling Best Practice Education Approaches

A campaign to scale high-impact Victorian education initiatives in partnership with HundrED (Finland) and Atlassian.

Hybrid Learning Across Queensland

A rapid build of a state-wide program to equip Queensland's educators to run hybrid learning through Microsoft Teams.

Supporting Tasmania’s School Leaders

A state-wide program to support the education leaders of Tasmania.

Imagine Cup Junior

A state-wide program to support the leaders of Hawaii's charter schools.

Hawaii’s Charter Schools

A state-wide program to support the leaders of Hawaii's charter schools.

AI for Good Challenge

A nationwide program to teach students about AI.

Assisting Rural and Remote Schools in Western Australia

A program in partnership with the Forrest Foundation to improve teacher engagement and innovation across rural and remote Western Australia.