education leaders

learning + support to help your best educators manage and lead new areas of responsibility across your school 

Highly customisable programs that can be tailored to meet your organisation’s unique professional development needs.

education leader programs

A customisable selection of professional development opportunities to help your emerging and middle leaders increase their influence across your school. 

What makes our education leadership programs unique?

  • Programs can be run across a year to embed long term outcomes.
  • Our facilitation team bring in education, business and non-profit leadership approaches.
  • All facilitators have been proven leaders in school settings.
  • Unlimited coaching calls and support is available in most programs.
  • Participants engage in action learning, implementing real leadership efforts during the program.

‘To be honest, before this program started I was not in favour, but the outcomes so far have been amazing. My leader’s enthusiasm, drive to change things and commitment has all gone up a level. This commitment is getting stronger, not weaker as time goes on, which is different to most professional learning. I am a convert.’

School Principal

emerging leaders

Our emerging leader programs have run since 2012, and represent some of the most engaging and impactful programs globally. Participants are equipped with powerful instructional and transformational techniques and learn by leading change initiatives in their own school. 

middle level leaders

Middle level leaders that take part in our programs receive fully personalised coaching and learning to help them excel as instructional leaders and people managers in your school. Ideally suited to leaders who are stepping up (or have already), these programs are an investment in the running of your school. 

principals and established leaders

To support the ongoing learning of senior education leaders, we provide programs that allow principals and deputy principals to reflect on their leadership and management, learn new approaches and determine new pathways for their schools. These programs are designed in a peer-learning manner to draw on the wisdom of participants.

our track record

Education Changemakers has run education leadership programs across Australia, the United States, Europe and Asia since 2012. To date 53% of our education leadership program alumni are promoted into more senior school leadership roles within twelve months of completing the course.

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