ec stories

check out these powerful stories of school change!

happier than disneyland

A public school that has created a highly engaging learning model for their students.

the power of project based learning

A story of how project based learning changed a Chicago school.

developing a love for science

A teacher created program to foster a love of science in children.

getting kids into coding

A teacher created program to support students with coding skills.

supporting girls in STEM

A teacher created idea to foster a love of STEM in high school girls.

a radical early childhood approach

A highly innovative early years approach achieving powerful outcomes.

transforming a middle school in colorado

A powerful story of school transformation at a middle school.

turning around a boston highschool

A remarkable story of a team completely transforming their school.

passion projects for teachers + students

A teacher created program that sees staff and students launching their own learning units.

a school changing a community

A teacher created school that is providing powerful learning for at-risk young people.

a radical approach to schooling

A highly innovative public high school where students take control of their own learning.

creating student changemakers

A teacher created idea to foster young social entrepreneurs.

supporting new teachers

A school created approach to supporting early career teachers to thrive.

engaging the disengaged students

A teacher-created program to providing engaging learning for disengaged students.

the school canteen as a learning tool

A hands on learning program that sees the students launching a professional cafe.

a school for the future

A highly innovative school that has created a powerful future-focused curriculum.

changing how playgrounds are built

A global movement to build innovative and exciting playgrounds for children everywhere.

changing the diets of children

A teacher designed curriculum to support kids to eat their fruit and veg!

reducing cyber-bullying

An innovative online program designed to reduce cyber-bullying across a school.

radical parent engagement

A parent run school providing a powerful learning environment for their children.

reducing bullying at school

A supportive program to reduce bullying across a school by supporting all children.

changing how maths is taught

A powerful education organisation started by two teachers that is changing the way math is taught.

when students teach teachers

An introduction to the Teach the Teacher program from the Victorian Student Representative Council.

a complete turnaround at a middle school

A remarkable story of a whole school change at middle school in New Zealand, profiled in our Dream Team Book.