the changemaker program

training + support to help your aspiring and middle-level leaders step up and drive teaching and learning improvements

A year-long action learning experience for aspiring + middle-level leaders.

the changemaker program

A deep + action-based program designed to build the capacity of your aspiring and middle-level leaders to drive learning improvements. 

Program Specifics:
  • Up to 50 aspiring and middle-level leaders can participate.
  • Program is run across a school year.
  • Five workshop days across the year.
  • Unlimited coaching calls and support throughout.
  • Two experienced facilitators for each course.

‘To be honest, before this program started I was not in favour, but the outcomes so far have been amazing. My staff member’s enthusiasm, drive to change things and commitment is very powerful. This commitment is getting stronger not weaker as time goes on, which is different to most professional learning. I am a convert.’

School Principal

aligning with your goals

We begin by working closely with you to determine what the strategic goals are for your school or network,  and are able to draw on our experience as Principals and Regional Directors, to help you define these. We then anchor the program to these goals consistently, with regular check-ins.

capacity-building workshops

Your selected aspiring and middle-level leaders take part in an initial two-day workshop designed to equip them with the agency and approaches they need to develop a rigorous learning improvement initiative. After three months of implementation, we regroup for the second two-day workshop to refine their ideas and further build their capacity as transformative instructional leaders. They then return three months later for workshop three, designed to help them embed their personal growth and in-school learning initiatives.   

coaching + support

Across the year-long program, all participants can engage with unlimited strategy and coaching meetings with our lead facilitators. Through emails, video calls and tailored content, your aspiring and middle-level leaders engage in further learning, receive advice on decisions, and access mentoring as they work to action their change initiatives.

the outcomes of the program

The Changemaker Program is a rigorous and evidence-based learning experience that has been run since 2012. Across 141 EC programs, 5672 educators in Australia, the United States and Europe have led data-driven learning improvements for their schools. 53% of Changemaker Program graduates are promoted into more senior school leadership roles within twelve months of completing the course.

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