supporting your most innovative teachers to drive improvements in your school

In our Changemaker Programs you can choose from our year long, five day program, our one to two day short courses, customised coaching and support, or just start with a copy of our book Edupreneur.

the changemaker program

A deep + action based learning experience designed to help you upskill a large group of emerging education leaders to become agents of change. 

who is the program for?

‘To be honest, before this program started I was not in favour, but the outcomes so far have been amazing. My staff member’s enthusiasm, drive to change things and commitment is very powerful. This commitment is getting stronger not weaker as time goes on, which is different to most professional learning. I am a convert.’

School Principal

where do you run the program?

We come to you, wherever you are, to run the program in your schools. The Changemaker Program has been run across the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

how do you measure the impact of the program?

With our support every participant tracks the direct learning impacts of their change initiatives, as well as their professional improvements.

what do participants learn in the program?

Participants engage with topics including instructional leadership, innovation, design thinking, change management, leadership and future-focused pedagogy.

what is the track record of the program?

Since 2012, thousands of participants have graduated, with impact audits conducted on many of the programs and stories of change documented across the globe.

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the changemaker workshops

short workshops to equip your teachers to drive changes in your schools


This is a powerful workshop to help you support a group of educators to solve a specific education challenge. With two days split over three months, your team will unpack a key challenge, innovate solutions to it, and then work to sustainably embed the best of them.

design thinking for educators

This workshop is perfect if you want to support your staff to be more innovative. In this one day workshop your team of educators will learn the EC design thinking approach, an innovation process uniquely tailored to the realities of driving changes in schools. You will see them innovating practial solutions on the day, but also being more creative and constructive moving forward.

mba in a day

If you are looking to quickly increase the leadership and management skills of a group of educators, this is an excellent workshop for you! Our experienced facilitators will equip your team with relevant and practical tools to help them step up and lead in your school.

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customised learning + support

looking for something uniquely tailored to your group of educators?

consulting + coaching

If you are looking for consulting and coaching uniquely tailored to your team of educators, then we are ready to help. Our team of facilitators provide hundreds of days of bespoke support to schools across the world, and we are happy to chat about how we can get alongside your staff to drive some powerful outcomes.

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buy the book


buy the book

If you are not ready to commit to The Changemaker Program or a workshop, why not grab a copy of our book ‘Edupreneur’. This is an action-focused book that helps passionate teachers identify an education challenge, innovate a powerful solution and then implement it powerfully and sustainably across the school community. Purposefully written to be practical, engaging and relevant this is a great book to support teachers to drive positive changes across your school.