change learning

supporting your teachers to design + deliver powerful learning

In our Change Learning programs you can choose from our term long, five day program, our one day short courses or customised coaching and support. 

the change learning program

A deep + action based workshop series to help you support your teachers to design and deliver future-focused learning for students. 

who is the program for?

‘With technology the world is changing so fast, and it can be to keep up as a teacher and keep delivering great learning for our kids. This course made it easy to upskill with new approaches, and we were implementing them the next semester.’

Head of Teaching + Learning

where it runs

We come to you, wherever you are, to run the program in your schools. The Change Learning programs have been run across the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

what participants build

Every educator who takes part will build out a full unit of work across the program that is curriculum aligned, assessable and highly engaging for students.

what participants learn

Participants are exposed to future-focused learning approaches and build our their own curriculum aligned and assessable project-based unit during the program.

program facilitators

All of the facilitators are experienced and engaging educators with a proven track record of designing and deliving powerful learning to students.

want your educators to be part of the Change Learning Program?

change learning workshops

a short workshop to keep your educators current with cutting edge learning approaches.

leading future learning

Trying to help your educators make sense of the latest, future-focused education approaches to support your students to thrive in a changing world? Then this is your workshop. Your teachers will be exposed to best practice learning approaches for 2020, and then begin to build out an overview of a project-based unit that they can launch for their students.

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customised learning + support

looking for something uniquely tailored to your group of educators?

consulting + coaching

If you are looking for consulting and coaching uniquely tailored to your teachers, then we would love to chat. Our team of facilitators are highly experienced and innovative educators and provide hundreds of days of bespoke support to schools across the world. We are more than happy to get alongside you to help you build out powerful units of work for your students to support your students to thrive in the future.

want to talk through consulting + coaching options for your team?