change leaders

supporting your education leaders to drive whole school change

In our Change Leader programs you can choose from our year long, five day program, our one day short courses, a do-it-yourself program in-a-box, customised coaching and support, or just start with a copy of our best-selling book Dream Team.

the change leader program

A deep + action based learning experience designed to help your leaders develop and implement a powerful strategy for whole school improvement. 

who is the program for?

“As an education leader with many years of experience I am always skeptical of the next thing. I must say however, this process has been incredibly useful for my leaders to design and implement a whole school improvement strategy.”

District Superintendent

where we run the program

We come to you, wherever you are, to run the program in your schools. The Change Leader Program has been run across the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

supporting system goals

We work closely with system leaders before and during the program to help schools align their strategies with wider network goals.

what participants do 

School leadership teams move through an action-focused process to develop and implement a school-wide strategy that is community informed, system aligned and evidence-based.

the evidence base

The program is built on a deep research project culminating in the best-selling book ‘Dream Team’.

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the change leader workshops

short workshops to equip leadership teams to drive changes in your schools

mba in a day

If you are looking to quickly increase the leadership and management skills of a group of educators, this is an excellent workshop for you! Our experienced facilitators will equip your team with relevant and practical tools to help them step up and lead in your school.

dream team

This workshop is perfect if you want to foster confidence and cohesiveness in a leadership team to help them drive whole school change. In this one day workshop your team of educators will rapidly connect as a group, learn how to create community and system-informed strategies, and implement them successfully and sustainably across a school.


A powerful workshop if you are looking to inspire and support a team of education leaders to foster future-focused learning in your school. Throughout the day we share best practice examples of powerful new education approaches and provide ample time for your leaders to discuss and strategise how they can best support their students to thrive in an uncertain future.

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customised learning + support

looking for something uniquely tailored to your team of education leaders?

consulting + coaching

If you are looking for consulting and coaching uniquely tailored to a leadership team, then we are ready to help. We have worked alongside many teams to foster a collaborative culture, to build out strategic plans and to help implement whole school change.

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buy the box

dream team in a box

buy the box

If you want to engage with the Change Leader program as an individual school leadership team we have created ‘Dream Team in a Box’ just for you. This is our DIY professional development program, where you receive a physical box filled with ten modules with plenty of activities, online videos and learning resources. Designed for your team to step through the program in your own time, in the comfort of your own school, this is a cost-effective and engaging way to help your leadership team drive whole school change.

buy the book

dream team

buy the book

If you are not ready to commit to The Changemaker Program, a workshop, or a Dream Team box, why not grab a copy of our book ‘Dream Team’. An ASCD Members Book of the Month, this best-selling title is the result of a deep research project and is an inspiring and practical step-by-step guide to help school leadership teams develop and then implement whole school improvements.