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school leadership teams

dream team

a practical playbook to help innovative educators change schools

An ASCD Members Book of the Month in the United States and published by Hawker Brownlow in Australia, this best-selling title is the result of a deep research project in schools across the USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand and is an inspiring and practical step-by-step guide to help school leadership teams develop and then implement whole school improvements.

teachers + middle level leaders


unleashing teacher-led innovation in schools

If you are looking to foster the agency of innovative teachers and middle-level leaders to drive learning improvements across your school grab a copy of our book ‘Edupreneur’. This is an action-focused book that helps passionate teachers identify an education challenge, innovate a powerful learning approach and then implement it quickly and sustainably across the school community. Purposefully written to be practical, engaging and relevant this is a great book to support your educators to drive positive changes across your school.