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Empowering & supporting early career educators.

The New Teachers program is designed specifically for teachers in their first three years in the profession, and was independently verified by Social Ventures Australia in 2016. With a strong sense of action-bias, Education Changemakers works to significantly increase the retention of new teachers and to help them not only survive but to thrive. The year-long New Teachers program is made up of the following components:

  • We provide assistance with the MARKETING of this opportunity, and the SELECTION of participants for the program, including liaison with school principals and regional leaders and ongoing communication regarding logistics and scheduling.

  • WORKSHOP ONE is a two-day learning experience that focusses on behaviour management and student engagement; two elements of professional practice that are inextricably linked. Feedback we’ve gathered from early career educators suggests that classroom management at all levels of schooling is a challenge. As such, we equip the New Teachers with explicit behaviour management strategies straight off the bat, before leveraging design thinking principles to understand and promote student engagement. Teachers leave with new ideas about best practices for student engagement to test efficiently in their lessons.

  • Throughout the year, all course participants have access to feedback on their teaching practice. The team at EC are available for coaching calls and to watch filmed lessons. When possible, we visit classrooms, too. We guide new teachers through real-time reflections of their teaching so that the drive for CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT is modelled and promoted as best practice.

  • The one-day WORKSHOP TWO learning experience for the beginning teachers begins with an evaluation of the student engagement practices deployed by the beginning teachers after the first workshop. We capitalise on the collective genius in the room to unearth insights into further iterations of the practices trialled, sharing stories of best practice. Following this review, the New Teachers are provided with the tools they need to identify problems and missed opportunities with regards to delivering effective feedback. After developing an understanding of evidencebased feedback practice, program participants come up with a multitude of solutions and leave equipped with the confidence to test ideas in their classrooms.

  • All participants in the program will be encouraged to connect with a MENTOR at their school site. Any early career teacher without a mentor available at their school will be connected to an experienced teacher and member of the broader EC Tribe, in the same locality wherever possible. Between workshops, these mentoring relationships are fostered within school contexts using tools and strategies provided by the EC Team during workshops.

  • “I am looking forward to refining this feedback method and continuing to work towards improving student outcomes. Thank you to my fellow teachers who shared ideas about feedback delivery!” Program Participant

  • Offered FREE OF CHARGE to the mentors of the program participants, Education Changemakers will lead a day of professional learning for the experienced teachers identified by and paired with our new teacher participants. In our MENTORING SHORT COURSE, the team will develop the capacity of these mentors by diving deeply into effective mentoring strategies and the ‘how to’ of setting up conditions for supportive and productive relationships that are conducive to educational change. The mentors will leave this day with the skills they need to support the new teachers throughout the year, an understanding of the processes the new teachers will be working through, and with coaches from Education Changemakers they can call at any stage for further support with their mentoring role.

  • WORKSHOP THREE is another one-day learning experience with a focus on positive psychology applied to schools; POSITIVE EDUCATION. We know that young people grow and flourish when they are supported in all areas of their education; when we don’t focus solely on academic achievement, but rather than a balanced educational approach that focuses on the whole learner. Providing a blend of deep understanding of the power of positive education with a realistic grasp on the next steps that New Teachers can take, this insightful day of learning enables participants to walk away equipped to utilise strategies that increase their own wellbeing and performance and to deliver deeper, more powerful learning and teaching in their unique education setting.

  • All program participants are provided with MEMBERSHIP to our New Teachers Community for the year. Membership of this community provides new teachers with opportunities to spend time with other early career teachers socially and professionally, to connect with others online meaningfully and collegially, and with access to relevant learning resources distributed by EC.

  • New Teachers need to deeply understand their purpose in education so that they can weather the challenges they face. WORKSHOP FOUR is a one-day learning experience that focusses on connecting or reconnecting the early career teachers with their sense of purpose in the profession, promoting longevity and drive, and equipping New Teachers with the skills and confidence they need to lead up in the profession. For the second half of this final day, the early career teachers’ mentors are invited to join the group by way of reflecting upon and celebrating the progress made by the early career teachers throughout the year.

  • ‘I’ve been really challenged today and pushed outside my comfort zone. But I feel really proud of myself! Pitching my ideas to the room here - which I really didn’t want to do - has given me more confidence in my ability to do other things in my professional life, too.” - Early Career Teacher, 2016 ’

  • Our team work closely to monitor not only the changes that take place professionally and personally in the participants, but also the IMPACT on the students that are influenced by heir change projects. We provide consistent REPORTING to the local and regional education offices to provide feedback on the program and help to spread best practice between schools. Impacts are shared by written reports after each workshop with photos.







“These have been the best days of my year, and that is saying something - days with my students are pretty great! It is the best PL I have been on.”

Program Alumna

“I now know I have a go-to person for anything I need help with and that they’ll support me or direct me to who can support me.”

Program Alumna

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