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Inspiring and relevant sessions for your education event.

Our team speak at education events across the globe, in front of intimate groups at boutique events and in front of thousands on the world’s biggest stages. Our ability to blend our own powerful stories with world class learning concepts helps us to present keynote speeches that are both inspiring and high on practical outcomes for your event participants. We are also able to provide breakout workshops, which following on from our main stage sessions are regularly over-subscribed. The keynote speeches that you can choose from include:

  • EDUPRENEUR - Unleashing teacher led innovation
    Our most popular keynote and based on our book Edupreneur, this speech draws upon our co-founder Aaron’s powerful experiences as an impact entrepreneur driving education and social change in some of the world’s most challenging communities. His inspiring story serves as the base for the research based and highly practical concepts that we then share with the audience. Interactive, energetic and highly memorable, this is the session that participants will be talking about at the break (and usually around their dinner table later that night). We are able to arrange for book signings, or bulk discounts on copies of Edupreneur for this session.

  • DREAM TEAM - How innovative leaders change schools
    Our newest keynote and based on our 2018 book ‘Dream Team’, this speech draws upon our co-founder Dave Faulkner’s adventurous experiences as a school principal and regional education superintendent. His story serves as the base for the Dream Team concepts that have been built on best practice research, and also in depth case studies and analysis of high impact education leaders across the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand. An excellent keynote for education leaders, this session will positively challenge participants and provide them with tangible take homes as they work to improve learning environments in their settings. We are able to arrange for book signings, or bulk discounts on copies of Dream Team for this session upon publication in 2018.

  • THE ROBOTS ARE COMING TO STEAL OUR JOBS! - The future of education
    The world is changing, and the implications for education (and humanity as a whole) are both wonderful and terrifying in the same breath. The EC team is uniquely placed at the forefront of education changes, and for this constantly evolving speech we draw upon our experience running one of the world’s only K-12 ed-tech accelerators, chairing the arena at the world’s largest education technology conference and working in hundreds of schools across the globe. Just three of our speakers for this session hold nine post-graduate degrees between them with experience at Cambridge, Harvard and the University of Melbourne, and we work to ground sci-fi with reality, for a thrilling and fascinating keynote for your audience.

  • SURVIVE & THRIVE - Making it all happen as a new teacher
    A frightening number of new teachers in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States leave the education sector in their first five years in the job. While there is no doubt teaching is a challenging profession, we also believe that it is one of the most powerful levers humanity has for positive change. Our passionate, optimistic and engaging team, all of whom have thrived as new teachers and moved quickly into positions of powerful impact draw upon their own stories, and share highly practical strategies and approaches to help the newest members of your team, both survive and thrive. This keynote is perfect for new teacher orientations, universities, as a breakout in a larger conference and leaders are also welcome to join and build their own collection of new teacher support strategies.

  • POSITIVE EDUCATION - Building and maintaining aspirational learning environments
    We know that young people (and also our staff members) grow and flourish when they are supported in all areas of their education. Our current system pressures often don’t work well for children or our teachers, constantly narrowing the focus onto quantitative indicators, rather than supporting a balanced educational approach that focuses on the whole person. Drawing on real case studies of positive education approaches in best practice centres of learning, your audience will be inspired to improve the learning environments in their setting, and most importantly leave equipped with the skills and tools to embed these ideas in reality.

'EC opened our conference with an inspirational keynote that set the bar high for the rest of the event. As a result, their workshops were filled to over-flowing as everyone wanted more!'

Conference Director

'EC were amazing! Absolutely mind blowing!'

Conference Participant