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Inspiring and relevant sessions for your education event.

Our team travels globally providing inspiring, innovative and engaging speeches and longer workshops for education audiences. These can be run as contributions to a conference or for schools and school networks as 30-90 minute professional development sessions. The two sessions that you can choose from are:

  • EDUPRENEUR: Unleashing teacher led innovation in schools
    At EC we know that the best ideas to improve the education we are giving to our children almost always come from teachers. In this keynote we share thoughts from our recently released book ‘Edupreneur’ and fuse together skills and ideas from entrepreneurship into education. The audience will walk away from this keynote with a smile, a set of powerful innovation tools, and real ideas that they can take back to their unique education contexts. This is our most popular keynote and has been delivered across the globe.

    ‘Thank you so much for your talk. It was amazing! It was so engaging and exactly what we needed.’

  • MAKING SHIFT HAPPEN: Making change when change is tough
    Change. It gets talked about all the time. So much so that every school team seems to have an incurable case of change fatigue. In this session our facilitators, drawing on their own inspiring stories of leading change in extremely challenging education settings, teach the participants to identify the problems that really need solving and then give them the inspiration and ideas that they need to create the change that is needed. An emotional and inspiring session, this is a keynote speech that the audience will not forget quickly.

    ‘Wow. There weren’t many dry eyes in the room. Incredibly inspiring but also very relevant and powerful for what I want to do back in my school.’

'EC opened our conference with an inspirational keynote that set the bar high for the rest of the event. As a result, their workshops were filled to over-flowing as everyone wanted more!'

Conference Director

'EC were amazing! Absolutely mind blowing!'

Conference Participant