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A Practical Learning Design Program for Innovative Teaching Teams

Future Ready is a practical learning experience for teaching teams that provides best practice professional development, as well as packages of curriculum ready to be implemented in schools. During five powerful planning and learning days across a three month period, we work with teaching teams across your school or network and in partnership with the right players, help them to create unique, fully resourced, project based learning units.

  • The EC team support school and network leaders to identify three teaching teams (of up to five people each). With the ultimate goal of creating a powerful and complete unit of learning by the end of the program, participants engage with the following:

  • WORKSHOP ONE: In this initial workshop, which is held with all teams, participants are supported by the EC team to envision the quality and style of learning they would like to work towards in their school. They then move into acknowledging their current realities and diagnosing why challenges or roadblocks may exist. Engaging with the cutting edge of project based learning, informed by research and best practice from across the globe, participants then move into ideating new learning units, grounding this creativity in the demands of the curriculum for a given year level. These units are then challenged and reinforced by the room, with feedback gained from the minds and experiences of all participants.

  • WORKSHOP TWO: All participants work to conduct early tests of their concepts with stakeholders between workshop one and two to gain feedback on their concepts and approaches. They also collate relevant resources, and draw upon unlimited coaching available from the EC team. In workshop two participants work in their smaller teams for two hours blocks to draw upon all of these insights and improve their units, design their assessment tasks with support from the facilitators and ensure alignment with achievement standards.

  • WORKSHOP THREE: In between workshop two and three, participants finalise their assessment tasks, and share resources and information with other members of the cohort. The EC facilitators also continue to provide unlimited coaching and support where required during this time. In this workshop participants again work in their smaller groups for a two hour block with the EC team to complete their skeleton unit overview, connect new and existing resources to their units and re- engage with new best practice examples from learning centres across the globe.

  • WORKSHOP FOUR: In between workshop three and four, all teams work to finalise their unit overviews, collate all of their necessary resources and continue to engage where needed with EC facilitators for coaching and support. This workshop sees all of the teams back together to engage with learning around best practice delivery of their units, ideate real world connections and collaborations to support their programs gain feedback from their peers to further improve. Participants also learn communication and presentation skills to prepare them for the showcase event. Following the workshop, EC facilitators then work to assist participants to make their industry and organisational connections.

  • SHOWCASE EVENT: At this final workshop, teaching teams present their units to key stakeholders (including students, other teachers, school leaders and parents where appropriate) for feedback and to foster authorship and ownership. Armed with these insights and approvals, participants move on from this session, ready to implement their units in the next term.

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