If you are the founder of an education startup, then we should talk!

Recruiting now for a September 2018 cohort.

Venture Recruitment

Every three months we select up to twelve education startups for a three day rapid accelerator held at our global HQ in Melbourne, Australia. The ventures go through an intensive curriculum and together with the other ventures in the program and the thoughts of selection panel, determine who moves to the next stage.

Venture Incubation

This is where the big stuff happens! Ventures that successfully make it into the Incubator, access twelve months of free office space in South Melbourne, a twelve month training curriculum (monthly classes), office hours with EClabs staff, access to awesome mentors and EC lab schools for feedback, sales support into the global EC sales pipeline and support for required capital raises.


What makes the EClabs incubator so great?

EClabs works exclusively with education startups like yours to massively accelerate your business, helping you refine your strategy, work with mentors and potential customers and rapidly expand your sales channels. We also give you the funding, space and training you need to survive the challenging first years of launching a venture.

  • Mentors - The mentor group that we source for EClabs is diverse and powerful. You will spend time with award winning school leaders, key decision makers in government and business and entrepreneurs who have built successful education ventures.

  • Lab Schools - EC manages a network of lab schools, which allow you to get your new product ideas into the hands of teachers and students quickly to get rapid feedback and speed up your pivots.

  • Sales Channels - EC works around the world with tens of thousands of teachers each year, and with our significant global reach, we can expose your venture to very large sales channels.

  • Office Space - If your venture makes it through to the Incubator, you access twelve months of free office space at ‘The Playground’, EC’s global headquarters. With super fast internet, lots of space to work in an environment where you are surrounded by a bunch of other education startups, this is THE place to be in Australia for education ventures.

  • Access to Capital - The most satisfying form of capital for a company is revenue, and we work closely with the ventures in the incubator to increase their sales. For those ventures that need it, we do also work with you to source seed capital, or growth capital.

  • Office Hours with EC staff - The EC team work alongside tens of thousands of teachers each year and have their finger on the pulse about what teachers are students are talking about in schools. They are also well experienced in growing an education company and in the incubator you are able to book office hours with them to run through your ideas.

  • Global Reach - EC reaches markets across the world and has significant pull to get you in front of potential customers globally through conferences and trade shows.

  • Peer Learning - The incubator is structured so that you have significant time working with the other ventures that are incubated in EClabs and learning from each other.

Some of the Mentors (more to be announced soon):

Miriam Beasy

Head of Science at Methodist Ladies College.

Aiden McCarthy

Technology Director for Catholic Schools.

Peter Hutton and Students

Former Principal of Templestowe College (one of Australia’s most innovative schools).

Dave Faulkner

Award winning educator and co-founder of Education Changemakers.

Justin Matthys

CEO and co-founder of Maths Pathway and Australia’s first Echoing Green fellow.

Laura McBain

Director of K12 Community & Implementation at Stanford’s d.School.

Lynn Davie

Director, Digital Learning and STEM Branch - Victorian Department of Education and Training.

Aaron Tait

Co-founder of Education Changemakers, Spark International and YGAP.

Sean Tierney

Director of Education, Teaching & Learning Strategy, Asia at Microsoft.

Sally Ann Parker

Google - Engineering Community & Outreach Program Manager

Stacey Quince

Award winning Principal of Campbelltown Performing Arts Highschool and visiting fellow at NSW Future Schools.

Tamara Sullivan

Dean of E-Learning at Ormiston College (a Microsoft showcase school).

Josh Levy

Apple - Education Development Executive

Bruce Armstrong

Acting Deputy Secretary, Regional Services Group at Department ofEducation and Training, Victoria. Former Director of Bastow Institute.


How do I apply?
The application form is here.

How often do you run the Venture Recruitment program?
The Venture Recruitment program is where we make selections on who we want to incubate. We run one of these each year, and the next program will be in September 2018.

Do I have to pay for the Venture Recruitment program?
No you don’t. It is held over three days at our global headquarters in Swan Street, and we put on lunch each of the days. You will learn a huge amount across these three days and benefit immensely even if you don’t make it in to the incubator.

Can I try multiple times to get through the Venture Recruitment program?
Sure. Just make sure you tell us about how you have improved since the last one.

Do you give me seed capital?
At present we do not. Instead we work with you to open up sales channels so that you bring money into your company by making sales. We find that most ventures do not need the seed funding often provided by programs to make their venture work.

Do we need to write a business plan or send you our pitch deck?
No. All we need from you is the application form, which is here.

Will you sign an NDA?
No we won’t. We have an informal commitment that we all make together during the Venture Recruitment program, but really it is less about your idea at this stage and more about execution.

Other than the application form is there anything I should send through?
No thanks. If we need anything we will get in touch.

I can’t make the Venture Recruitment program, can I still be considered for the Incubator?

No. Sorry. Get yourself along to one of the VR programs and we can consider you.

We have already received funding, can we still apply?

Do you only incubate tech companies?
No. We work with companies that have an education focused venture.

My venture is technical, but I don’t have a tech co-founder, will I be considered?
You can have a try to get through the VR program, but our advice would be to go and find a tech co-founder.

Do I have to be from Melbourne?
No, but the companies that get the most benefit, base themselves in Melbourne.

Do we have to be Australian citizens?
We are open to working with ventures from overseas, but you need to get your VISA situation sorted.

I have a cool idea, can I meet with EC?
We get lots of requests and we can’t give everyone time unfortunately. The best thing to do is to apply to get into a VR program.

We are not really a startup anymore and have been operating for years. Should we still apply?
We are open to applications from established companies, but those that get the greatest benefits are in their first two years of operations.

My startup is not really focused on education. Should I still apply?
Probably not. This is an education focused incubator. Check out the offerings of our buddies at Blue Chilli or Fishburners.

I have a question that hasn’t been answered here. What do I do?
Shoot an email to aaron@educationchangemakers.com

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