'We think Australian educators deserve a new type of conference. One that puts the most inspired teachers, school leaders and global education thinkers in a room together for two days to inspire and catalyse incredible changes in our schools.'


EC14 is unlike any education conference you have been to in Australia. In fact we've made a list of all the things that we don't like about conferences and done the opposite.

EC14 is less listening, more doing. It's less short term inspiration, more real application. It's less theories, more stories. Less awkward networking, more team collaboration.

The goal of EC14 is simple. Three hundred people, made up of school or regional teams will come up with and launch an incredible mix of game changing, revolutionary ideas focused on improving the lives of kids across Australia.

The doers

Throughout EC14 we will be joined by some incredible changemakers. Our guarantee is that the only people that get on the stage at EC14 are doers. None of our presenters are motivational speakers or career conference goers. Day in, day out they work incredibly hard to help their kids achieve amazing results. They make change.



Jeff li

Jeff has an incredible commitment to teaching. When we asked him to come along to EC14, his first question was how quickly he could get back to teaching his 8th grade students kids at KIPP Infinity in Harlem. He was recognised as an American Star of Teaching by the US Department of Education in 2008, was the Executive Director of Teach for America (New York) where he doubled intakes and broke fundraising records. Jeff is a graduate from Stanford University and in a former life worked for the Boston Consulting Group, one of the world’s leading strategy and consulting firms. Jeff will be joining us in person before we get him on a plane to fly back across the world and return to what he does best. Changing the lives of kids.


Laetitia Mukungu

Prepare to feel like you could be doing more with your life. Laetitia Mukungu is a current student at the African Leadership Academy, an institution that finds and develops the most high potential students from across the African continent at its Johannesburg campus. Laetitia grew up with her two sisters and mother in rural Kenya and after not having the funds to pay for highschool she started farming rabbits to cover her fees. This led to the founding of the Africa Rabbit Centre, a social enterprise which is changing the lives of women in Western Kenya. In her spare time she started a primary school which educates four hundred children. She is the winner of the Anzisha Prize for Entrepreneurship, is a Spark* Kenya Changemaker, and has been profiled in Fast Company magazine. Oh, and she hasn’t finished highschool yet.


Dave Levin

David has an astounding bio, but here is the gist of it. He is from New York. He graduated from Yale. He was a Teach for America Associate. Alongside Mike Feinberg he founded KIPP (the Knowledge is Power Program) in 1995 with his class in Houston. The KIPP network now has 141 schools across America, serving 50,000 low income students. He is an Ashoka fellow, and he and KIPP have probably won more awards than they have had days off in the last twenty years, but one of the highlights is the Presidential Citizens Medal, one of the highest honours for a private citizen in the United States. He’s spoken at TED, was profiled in the documentary Waiting for Superman, focused on in the book Work Hard Be Nice, and featured in Paul Tough’s best selling book How Kids Succeed. Given David’s outputs, we actually think he is five different people who have all been well trained to speak with the same New York accent but at EC14 you will be able to make your own decision as we have a chat with him via video link up from KIPP New York.


Chris Bradford

Since 2008 African Leadership Academy in Johannesburg has pursued a bold goal - to develop the next generation of Africa's leaders. Each year they identify young highschool students with immense potential, and take them through a powerful two year program before connecting most of them into the world's leading universities. Many of these students have also launched social enterprises that have changed thousands of lives. As the Co-Founder and CEO of the African leadership Academy, Chris, a Stanford graduate and Echoing Green Fellow, works closely with these incredible young leaders, shaping the next Nelson Mandelas and Wangari Maathais of Africa. During EC14 Chris will provide us with powerful insights into how to foster high achievers and young entrepreneurs and leaders.


Bob Mulas

Bob is from Blacktown, in Western Sydney, and for the last thirty-seven years he has committed his life to making a difference in public education. As the Principal of Fairfield High, Bob was awarded the Public Service Medal in the 2013 Australia Day Honours for their their groundbreaking social enterprises. Pivotal to their success has been their ability to engage their community in the school, where ninety per cent of the students are from non-English-speaking backgrounds, and close to forty per cent are refugees. Their work has been so impressive that Antonio Guterres, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees visited the school and proclaimed the work to be ‘absolutely fantastic’. Bob also presented the school’s work to the United Nations in Geneva. In a time of cultural division and controversy across Australia, Bob and his team are incredible examples of purpose and possibility.


Louka Parry

For a curly haired, greek Australian from Adelaide, Louka speaks pretty good Pintinjarra, one of the languages of the Indigenous Australians who live in the region around Mimili Anangu School. Louka arrived at Mimili in 2009 as a new graduate teacher and through commitment and determination became the Principal of the school in 2013. With a huge focus on integrating the demands of the Australian education system with the realities of life for his students, Louka has led an incredible team in Mimili that is seeing improved results for students living in very challenging conditions. In 2013 Louka was awarded the South Australian Inspirational Secondary Teacher of the Year and was a keynote speaker at the Social Ventures Australia Great Teachers in Tough Schools Conference.

Chaos instigators / Controllers

Dave Faulkner and Aaron Tait

Dave ran schools across Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Aaron ran them across East Africa. Dave was the Principal of Halls Creek School after it was called ‘worse than a war zone’ by the Australian Newspaper, Aaron served in a Middle Eastern war zone as a young military officer. Aaron has three Masters degrees, one of them from Cambridge, while Dave talks openly about the need for universities to completely revolutionise teacher training. While Aaron was cofounding Spark* International, an organisation that has improved the lives of 16,000 people living in extreme poverty, Dave was the director of the biggest education region in Australia. Together they launched Education Changemakers and as lead facilitators of EC14 they will be responsible for instigating and controlling the chaos, the crazy ideas and the collaborations that emerge during the two days.

The Social Entrepreneur

Kaitlin Tait

Kaitlin taught in England, Australia, the United States before running an orphanage in Kenya and a secondary school for street children in Tanzania. She is the co-founder and General Manager of Spark* International and founder of The Girl Project.

The Local Teacher

Selina Uibo

Selina was the valedictorian of her class at the University of Queensland and since graduating has returned to her local community of Numbulwar as a teacher. Whilst at the school Selina has started many projects and social enterprises for her students.

The Resilient Teacher

Tom Brunzell

A Yale graduate, the co-founder of KIPP Infinity Harlem and winner of the '09 KIPP National Teacher Award, Tom is now the Senior Education Advisor for Berry Street.

The Rule Breaker

Peter Hutton

When Peter Hutton took over as Principal at Templestowe College it was a broken school that had twice been told to close. The answer, empower students to manage their own learning. At EC14 learn how he did it.

The New Teacher

Stephanie Adan

Stephanie is a first year teacher from Sydney who is already making waves in the Teach Meet movement with her passion for 'authentic learning'. Stephanie will share the secret sauce of how she is thriving as a new teacher.

And of course… you

As a passionate educator, a doer and a changemaker, you will have a huge amount of opportunities to engage, have your voice heard and contribute to the amazing ideas that are hatched during EC14.


It makes sense to book early (early bird pricing finishes at the end of June). All prices include GST.

Who is it for?

EC14 is for people in Australia and around the globe who are committed to improving outcomes for kids and turning good schools into great schools. We are doing things a little differently at EC14. To come along you need to register with a team that you are going to collaborate with during the two days. This can be from three to ten people and can be made up of school leaders, emerging leaders, teachers, school partners, radical collaborators (and if you are up for it even parents or students).

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