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Designing and facilitating powerful education events.

With our Conference Architecture support we provide powerful and relevant assistance to you throughout your conference planning and execution. We work alongside your organising team and presenters to craft and deliver an engaging and innovative event, ensuring that every facet of your program consistently contributes to your overall goals.

  • We help you to advertise the conference experience, and work up innovative ways to help you BUILD up the right audience.

  • We help you choose great SPEAKERS and workshop leaders and as much as we can, source these individuals from your own audience base, tapping into the collective genius of the attendees, boosting their confidence and saving you on speaking fees. We are able to work alongside all speakers to guarantee that every session at the conference is engaging, relevant and focused. Where appropriate we run communications courses with the speakers in the month leading up to the event to ensure a high quality of presentations during the event.

  • The EC team can provide KEYNOTE SPEECHES, POWER CHATS, MC DUTIES and WORKSHOPSthroughout the conference program which will add significant value to the conference but also save you on keynote speaking fees. We excel at ensuring that your conference has seamless start times, smooth transitions between speakers and tactful interruptions of those who lose track of time. While we understand that at many conferences, people begin to walk in and out of sessions as their attention wanes, we are confident that at an EC run conference, deep learning and networking happens with engaged participants during the sessions and this is further enhanced during the breaks!

  • If it suits your conference style we can foster a Facebook page and Twitter hashtag prior to and during the event to improve COLLABORATION and NETWORKING between participants. We also design a networking friendly environment for the event by creating an event space and name tags that get people chatting!

  • Our team will work with your organisation to construct relevant and enjoyable FEEDBACK andEVALUATION forms that help you source the right information with a high completion rate. Our team will also take high quality photographs throughout the event that we can share with you to use for future events.

'It feels like my mind is erupting with ideas. I am in awe of our staff and of the potential of our team.'

Conference Participant

'I never knew how innovative, brave and tireless our staff were. This was an amazing chance to acknowledge the brilliance of this team.'

Conference Participant