EC provides world class innovation and leadership training for educators (by educators).


Dave is the CEO and co-founder of Education Changemakers, a grassroots educator with a proven track record, and in recent years has emerged as a global leader in education innovation. An in demand chair and keynote speaker for some of the world’s largest education events, Dave has shared the stage with education innovators including Ken Robinson, Angela Lee Duckworth, Anthony Salcito and Sugata Mitra and has a powerful grasp and influence on the changes taking place in schools across the globe. Dave’s education leadership journey began as a principal of an Australian school when he was only 24, for which he was awarded Young Australian of the Year (WA) and Young Leader of the Year (WA). Following this he undertook a succession of strong periods of school and regional improvement as a Principal and Regional Director, matching grassroots understanding with system level insights and a relentless focus on helping to ensure that all students could access a great education. Dave is a global leader in accelerating education startups, works with thousands of educators each year and advises senior government, education leaders and company executives across the globe. One of our most in-demand speakers at EC, Dave spends more than two hundred days a year engaging with education audiences.


Aaron is the co-founder and Director of Innovation of Education Changemakers, and is our lead entrepreneurship and design thinking specialist. As a global leader in innovation for impact, he is at the forefront of a movement of ‘entrepreneurs changing lives’. Aaron is the lead author of the 2016 book ‘Edupreneur’ and our 2018 book 'Dream Team' the leader of the EC Labs education accelerator (AUS and UK), and works to integrate entrepreneurial approaches into our work with educators. His out of the box thinking is supported by a diverse career that has seen him complete seven years of active service as a decorated military officer, lead a secondary school for street children in Tanzania and an orphanage in Kenya, complete three Masters degrees and graduate from Cambridge University. Aaron is a co-founder of YGAP and the creator of the organisation’s impact model which has supported hundreds of impact entrepreneurs across three continents and changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people living in poverty. Aaron advises companies and governments across the globe on impact entrepreneurship, is a Village Capital fellow and was named as the Australian social entrepreneur of the year by FYA in 2015. Aaron is one of our most in-demand speakers and engages with audiences across the globe each year.


Louka is the Director of Programs at Education Changemakers and is one of Australia’s most exciting emerging education thinkers and doers, with a track record of leading dramatic improvements in challenging school settings. He brings expert knowledge in school leadership, new teacher support and organisational culture to the EC crew. Louka represents the new generation of education leaders as an individual who has traveled to every continent on the globe, learned five languages fluently (including the Indigenous Australian languages Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara), graduated with two Masters degrees in applied linguistics and education, (studying one of them under John Hattie at Melbourne University) and studied at Harvard University all before he was thirty. Louka has matched these achievements with six years of experience as a teacher and leader, being promoted to Principal at only 27 years old in 2012 for which he was named South Australian Inspirational Public Secondary Teacher of the Year. Louka has spoken and worked with diverse audiences across Australia and the globe including AITSL, Federal Treasury, SVA, BETT, NARIS, Leading Educators Across the Planet, Education We Want, TED and Microsoft.


Summer is the Director of Learning Design & Events at Education Changemakers and is one of Australia’s most connected education influencers. Summer has developed expert knowledge in design thinking, middle years schooling and environmental education through extensive work with some of Australia’s most forward-thinking schools and universities. From teaching Master of Teaching units at Sydney University to leading the Learning Collective and Learning Frontiers initiatives with AITSL Summer has drawn upon years of senior teaching, policy and leadership experience and boldly emerged as a powerful and disruptive voice in education. With a Masters in Geographical Education, Summer was named as a Paul Harris Service to Girls Education Fellow and continues to serve on non-profit boards and the global educator SDG Taskforce working on behalf of the UN. A founder of Teach Meet Sydney, Summer is the driving force behind Educhange, the EC Conference series, which as the fastest growing event of its kind in Australia is leading the way into a new era of professional development for educators.


Maddie is the Director of Communities at Education Changemakers and brings an exemplary teaching career to her work with the global EC tribe. An alumna of the Changemaker Program, her change initiatives focused on helping children to embrace failure and increasing entrepreneurial resilience, which has seen her become a judge at the National Science Talent Search, speak at conferences across Australia and support her students to win the National Maths Talent Quest. As a teacher at a large Catholic school in Victoria, Maddie taught secondary STEM subjects, and was the coordinator for Gifted and Talented Students and Leaders. She holds three masters degrees with distinction in Science and Education from the University of Melbourne and the Australian Catholic University. Since working with EC, Maddie has built the EC Community, a global network of thousands of passionate and innovative teachers. She led the design and delivery of The Passion Index, a toolkit for schools to engage students in passion-led learning, co-created with teachers from across Australia, as well as our global efforts to support new teachers.


Nicole is the Director of Future Learning at Education Changemakers and brings a strongskillset in deeper and enquiry based learning to the organisation. As a former Head of Department and Head of Year at some of Queensland’s top performing public schools, Nicole has repeatedly led the design and implementation of whole school curriculum change to support future ready learning. She is a globally recognised expert and practitioner in project based learning and student entrepreneurship and is the co-founder of Verge Young Entrepreneurs, an award winning, curriculum aligned education program for high school students. She is also the co-founder of Future Anything, an online tutoring and learning platform, and a contributor to the Foundation for Young Australian’s YLab program. Nicole has traveled and worked across the globe in a range of industries, most interestingly as an elite swimming coach, and works across EC programs internationally.


Mike is a leading member of the EC facilitation team and draws upon an extensive career in education, government and the corporate sector. As an Australian teacher, deputy principal and principal he has been a powerful education leader in an incredibly diverse range of settings including remote indigenous schools, large rural primary and secondary schools, and newly launched schools in major cities. He complements this domestic experience with his time as the foundation principal of the Nibras International School in Dubai, bringing additional cross-cultural awareness to the global EC team. Further to his work in education, Mike has also spent a decade leading on learning and management strategies for major energy companies in both Australia and Timor Leste, and working with state and federal government. He holds a Master of Business Leadership and is a passionate educator, strategist and believer in the power of teachers and school leaders to lead changes in even the most challenging environments.


Kaitlin brings a powerful combination of education and entrepreneurship experience to the EC facilitation team. The holder of a Masters degree of international education, she has taught in schools across England, Australia and East Africa in both high and low SES contexts. As the co-founder of Spark* International anyGlobal she has accelerated hundreds of impact entrepreneurs across Africa, Asia and Australia and overseen programmes that have changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people living in poverty. Additionally, as the founder of yHER, one of the most high profile female startup accelerators in Africa and the One Roof Plus Accelerator she brings a particular strength to the EC team around female leadership. Kaitlin was named as the 2015 Australian social entrepreneur of the year by the Foundation for Young Australians.