We support powerful ideas for education change across the world.

At Education Changemakers we believe passionately that the best way to continually improve the education we are giving to all of our children is by unleashing teacher led innovations across the world. Beyond our core mission, as a professional development company we have a deep commitment to making as much difference as we can, every day. Here are some of the commitments that we make:

We support powerful ideas for education change across the world:

We donate thousands of hours of paid staff time (and cash) each year to supporting innovative education startups around the world through our partner yGlobal (in fact our leaders co-founded the organisation). Check out the African School for Excellence, one of the schools we support through yGlobal. Our team members also sit on the boards of Cool Australia, Little Dreamers, Verge Entrepreneurs and SHE Births.


We believe there is huge power when profit meets purpose.

We are a founding BCorp in Australia and an active member of this awesome movement. To achieve BCorp certification we need to meet a set of very strict criteria around how we treat our staff, the world, the kind of work that we do and a whole range of other social indicators. If you run a company and you also want to help the world become a better place, sign up to be a BCorp!


We believe in fostering the next generation of doers:

One of our co-founders is the proud patron of Tournament of the Minds. For decades TOM have done amazing work with children across the Asia Pacific unleashing innovation, and are truly inspiring a generation of creators and global citizens.


We travel, more than we have to.

The majority of our team have spent time teaching in some of the world’s most remote schools and we believe in a world where the suburb you live in should not determine your future. We also know that great professional development can often be hard to access in rural and remote settings. That’s why we organise our own travel and don’t charge extra if we can walk from our office to your school or if we have to take three planes, a four wheel drive and a horse (which has happened). We don't raise all of our prices because of this decision, we choose to take the hit as a company.

We are always working to do more good in the world, so if you have an idea for us or want to partner, get in touch!